Product FAQs

Q: Where are your products made?A: Our products are made in California in a facility with many years of CBD experience. Q: Are your products lab tested?A: Yes! We test all of our products for contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Test results for all products are linked from the product pages on our […]


Q: Will CBD get me high?A: No. While you may feel a little different, you won’t get high or inebriated. You’ll be able to go about your day normally — maybe even a little better than normal. Q: Where is your CBD from?A: Our CBD is sourced from fully permitted hemp farms in the United […]

The Basics of Tinctures

Our tinctures are dropper bottles full of CBD infused into a carrier. Our basic CBD tinctures are made using MCT oil, which is a stable, tasteless form of purified coconut oil. Our functional CBD tinctures also include about 15% alcohol, which carries the other functional ingredients — so shake before using! Tinctures can be used […]

Basics of CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp/cannabis as well as a few other plants. Over the past few years, CBD has been gaining popularity rapidly. People like to use it for many different reasons — it can be part of a regular wellness program for adults of any age.  The CBD in […]

CBD Programs for Celebrities and Influencers

Flourishant makes, markets, and sells custom CBD products for celebrities and influencers. Leveraging our years of experience in CBD product development and social marketing, we work with our partners to create unique product portfolios that address the specific needs of your followers and fans. We handle every aspect of your CBD program, starting with product […]